CyberYU protects your cyber life

CyberYU is a Bluetooth device and all-in-one secure password safe with a credit card size form factor.

CyberYU using hardware to protect and generate strong passwords.

A computer needs quadrillion years to crack your strong password created by CyberYU.

CyberYU Features

Hardware Based Password Storage

All your passwords are stored on CyberYU, so you don’t have to rely on the security of your mobile or computer device.

Password Manager

Automatically stores your passwords secured on CyberYU. CyberYU also generates secure and random passwords for you.

Bluetooth© Low Energy

CyberYU is using newest and safest Bluetooth© Low Energy 5 version. Native support of all current operating systems and devices.

Key Code Protected

To access CyberYU you have to press an up to 60 keys long key code, given you an uncrackable access to your passwords.

Membrane Pad

CyberYU uses a membrane pad with an easy to use design. Easy to clean or disinfect. Water resistant. With a tactile feedback when pressing the buttons.

Soft Touch Surface

Thin, light, and easy to grip, the case of CyberYU has a soft touch black surface. The surface has a soft and velvety feeling.

No App, No Internet, No Cloud

CyberYU will protect your privacy. No backup to the Internet, no backup to any server in the Cloud. CyberYU will not communicate with any app.

“Treat your passwords like the keys to your home.”

Battery-powered Wearable

Cyber YU runs with a rechargeable battery with a highly optimized power saving.

The Story of CyberYU